5 Ways a Puppy Will Improve Your Health

5 Ways a Puppy Will Improve Your Health

We’re always looking for new way to stay healthy. We’ve got workout routines, healthy diets, and plenty of supplements and vitamins that keep us feeling great. For the most part, these activities can feel like chores. Adopting a puppy won’t just make you healthier, but fill every moment of your day with happiness. Let’s take a look at the 5 ways puppies can make you happier, healthier, and better all around.

An Excuse for Exercise

Even the most dedicated fitness buff has said “eh, not today.” Sometimes life just gets in the way, and you can’t help but put off one of your most time consuming responsibilities. Puppies, on the other hand, can’t be put off until the next day. They have to go for walks, and you’re their favorite walking partner. It might be easy to put off an evening run on your own, but when you see your puppy’s beady little eyes you won’t be able to say no.

A Friend Forever

Ever come home from a long day of work and just feel exhausted? With a puppy, you’ll always be greeted by someone who’s simply ecstatic to see you. Dogs form an emotional connection with their owners, and care about them more than anyone else in the world. They are very in tune with our body language, and can interpret how we feel surprisingly accurately. This type of connection is shown to improve our mental health. It’s the primary reason that the US government accepts dog ownership as a treatment for anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Giving Your Life Routine

Our body works in cycles. Studies have shown that inconsistent sleeping and eating habits can throw our system out of sync, leaving us feeling worn out and depressed. In fact, an irregular sleep schedule can even lead to weight gain. Puppies, however, are creatures of routine. They want to eat at a certain time, and they want to exercise at a certain time. Caring for them gives your life a little structure, and makes it easier for you to slip into a proper routine.

Social Lubricant

Is your social life feeling a little lacking? Humans are creatures of connection, and associating with other people is critical for our physical and mental health. Dog owners can often be found talking to each other as they take their furry friends for hikes, or for walks in the dog park. Just ask anyone with a puppy, you never know how many friends you’ll make until you get one.

Improve Your Immune System

Your immune system is responsible for keeping you healthy. It gets rid of all the germs and bacteria we encounter throughout the day, and protects us from colds and viruses. In 2004, a study was published in the US National Library of Medicine that discovered an important correlation between dog ownership and the health of your immune system. The same study also found that babies raised with dogs have a lower chance of developing allergies, so your puppy might just keep your whole family healthy!

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.

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