Fashion Tips For Each Season Of The Year and Events That Correspond

Fashion Tips For Each Season Of The Year and Events That Correspond

Over the course of the year in many locations there is going to be four seasons. In places like Florida there are only 2 with summer and spring being the only two noticeable changes in temperature. Each season brings a new challenge for mothers as they will have to dress their children different as well as themselves. Looking your best is not just reserved for before children as you can continue to look great after having multiple children. The following are fashion tips for each season as well as common events that tend to happen during these seasons.


The spring can be a great time in many locations with the cold weather being a distant memory. This is the time to show off all of the hard work you have been doing during the winter to stay fit. Sundresses are a popular option for nearly all ages but make sure the dress accentuates your positive physical features. Although this is not fashion related the spring can be a great time to get some color by hitting the tanning bed or laying out depending on the weather. This just makes most people look better when they have a tan and it can also make a person look thinner.

Spring weddings are quite common but with the cool spring air dressing for these should not be too difficult. Bright colors in the spring are recommended but do not go too far as it might have you end up looking like a package of highlighters. Graduation ceremonies are also not the event to dress too colorfully as the event is not about you, it is about your graduate!


The summer is a tough season to dress for with you wanting to look good but not show off too much skin. Those who get extremely hot tend to avoid any event that does not include a pool to cool off in. Having the right bathing suits is easier than ever as a myriad of styles are back in fashion like the one piece bikini. Having a dress that keeps you cool but looks great is another must have during this season.

As for events in this hot time of the year, most of the events are going to be casual as nobody likes sweating constantly. There might be a wedding or two which is going to be a nightmare especially for any male attendees. Expecting a group to dress up in formal wear for an outdoor wedding in the summer does happen. As a close friend used to state “There is a special place in hell for people who have outdoor weddings in the summer.” Make sure that you keep your hair intact as well as it can get out of control for people with curly hair on a day with high humidity percentages. Accessories can be your best friend in the summer as it can help make an outfit quite easily. The fact you cannot put on multiple layers should have you relying on jewelry and other accessories.


Fall is a great time to test out certain outfits that you have been thinking of putting together. For those that love having a sweater on this is your time to show the array of fashionable sweaters that you have. Yoga pants are also acceptable during any type of activity that requires you to move around. Holidays like Thanksgiving should remain as casual as possible as everyone will wish they were in sweatpants after the large feast. If you have a son or daughter in college the big event of the fall will be parent’s weekend. If you have a daughter it is extremely important to not go over the top but you want her friends to mention how great you look of course. If it is parent’s weekend for your son and he is in a frat, this is the one time you should aim not to look your best. This can lead him to ridicule for having the hot mom which in a frat can lead to hours of torment.


The winter gives a fashionable mother quite a bit of freedom to try out different outfit combinations. Often it is necessary to have a great overcoat that is not too bulky that can be taken off as soon as you arrive indoors. The tough part about cold weather is finding a nice pair of shoes that will not allow your toes to freeze off on the walk from the car to your destination. Loose fitting clothing might be the best option if you have a distinguishable difference between your summer and winter body. There are plenty of events during the winter with holidays as well as company parties. Company parties are not the place to push the limit as far as your outfit goes but this doesn’t mean you can’t look great! The most important thing to remember about these parties or any holiday party is that it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. When all else fails a nice black dress can be a fallback with a coat or a fur to help you stay warm.

Staying fashionable might be the last thing on the mind of a mother with a bustling career and growing family. There is never going to be a second chance to make a first impression which can be crucial if you are looking to climb the corporate ladder. People who are seen as attractive are associated with positive attributes by the person who meets them. Although you work hard and have great business sense this is a simply the way human beings have evolved. Take the extra few minutes to look great day after day regardless of what is on your agenda. Use some of the tips above in order to make sure you are dressed appropriately for any event or season.

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